Have you ever wanted to spy on your girlfriend to be sure that she is not cheating on you? Or you just wanted to pull a prank on your friend and make a joke about his texting with his mom? If so, we have a solution for you – mSpy application. Software development made a huge leap in the sense of technology and its advancement to that point where you can get all the information you need secretly and without alerting anyone. Since we talk here about software development and technology advancement, we have a duty to say few words about this extraordinary application. Not to encourage people to spy on each other but rather to point out technology advancement.

What is mSpy?


It is a monitoring application that is downloaded and installed on person’s device where the app collects all the data you want and sends them back to your mSpy account which is accessed by a simple web browser. Mspy works perfectly both on Android and iOS devices and has support for Windows and Mac platforms as well. It received, unofficially, the highest grade among the other tracking/spy applications, so it makes sense why it is so popular these days.

How does it work?

After you pay for the app, you will get the download link, and the first step is to download the app on the target’s device. You will need to follow the instructions to install it properly. After you install it, you can set some preferences (like what you want to monitor and what not) or leave at the default settings which is recommended if you are a rookie in the world of spy applications. After that, you are ready to go – the owner of the device will not know anything about the app since the app runs silently in the background and it’s tough to identify the process that runs the app. The only requirement is that target’s device must be connected to the Internet so you could have the access.

What can track?

mSPYThis application can track everything that happens on the screen – text messages, calls, browsing history, GPS locations, photos and social media profiles. Everything you write, send or receive is recorded in the log which can be accessed on the secured account that you can access only. Some of the features are:

– Call history – see who they call, when and how long they talk

-Keylogger – it records all they type (from passwords to messages)

– Instant messages – see what they write on Viber, Skype, etc

– Keyword alert – as soon as they type a keyword like “sex,” “bomb,” “drug” you receive the email notification with all the details, when and where the keyword has been used

– Calendar events – see all their upcoming events; this feature is not so common in the rest of tracking apps

There are additional features that this app has, but we will leave it to you to discover them. The app has a good grade, and we will give nothing but the A+. Compact, incognito and versatile – what else do you need from a mobile application?