Our Services

Are you in need for a new web site or a blog? Do you need a hand with SEO? You are at the right place.

We offer services that will boost your business, attract more customers and give you the success that you dreamed about. The services are separated into five aspects where each aspect is dependent upon each other. When they are combined well, it means a winning combination and taking your business to higher level. Each service is run by an expert who has enough experience to cover all the potential issues and problems. These experts are responsible for their department, and they work in coordination with the rest of teams to reach the best possible workflow.

Business intelligence team offers a thorough data analysis, data mining and secret patterns for your business which will produce satisfying results.

Web development service offers complex but user-friendly and SEO-friendly web sites/apps to meet even the highest expectations.

Mobile development is there to extend your information system and give your business better and faster communication, as well as real-time access to your data and information.

The methodology is service that is in charge of finding the best possible process for developing your project.

UX process service pays special attention to users and User Experience, predicting scenarios and solutions.

Business IntelligenceBusiness is all about making decisions. To make a justified decision it’s often required to make a comprehensive data analysis. We gather data from various sources,present it in a readable form for business people, search for hidden patterns in large volumes of raw data. We apply industry-standard processes and approaches, like ETL, OLAP and Data Mining to get the most from your data.

Web development

Web DevelopmentIn modern world, web sites and applications are getting better and better, while users become more and more demanding. In order to survive, your website should be high-performance, SEO-friendly, perfect to the last pixel and absolutely user-friendly from design point of view. We have experience in building modern and complex web sites and applications, like e-commerce solutions, content management systems, informational portals, media hosting services and custom web applications meeting the highest expectations in all areas..

Mobile development

Mobile DevelopmentNowadays, more and more users prefer to chat, work with emails, browse the internet, watch TV shows, read books and perform other everyday activities via their mobile devices. Universal web-based applications, even customized for mobile devices, can’t compete here with native mobile software, developed specifically to work on mobile platforms. Mobile applications can become a good addition to your normal business communication and information channels.

VolcanoSoft is a creative and reliable mobile technology partner that will breathe a new life in your information systems.


MethodologyBringing value to business is our #1 goal. We adopt different Agile methodologies and practices depending on your business needs, we select practices that will help to deliver end results in the fastest way. We don’t stick to only one methodology; we believe that every project requires different process. We have examples of successful projects with Scrum, Kanban, Lean development, Scrumban, XP and mixes of them. We will choose the most suitable process to bring most value to your business.

UX process

UX DevelopmentIn the development process we pay a special attention to the User Experience. We create personas to define users’ behavior and needs, define scenarios to see key interactions with the system, draw prototypes to choose the best way toimplement a feature, conduct usability testing to validate our ideas and compare different variants. Positive User Experience is not a mystery anymore.