Our Process

Our process of developing an app or a website has several steps which need to be followed orderly if we want to get the solution for client’s problem.

The first thing is a definition of client’s problem which is discussed with people who are ready to invest into that solution, and it takes no more than 24 hours to define the problem. The second step is to organize people who will work on the project and create a couple of possible scenarios. The analysis of the scenarios is done by the people who will work on the project to get the best possible results. After we create scenarios, we need to use Web Analytics and in coordination with the client decide how we will solve the problem. This step takes at least few days to get the most accurate results. After the analysis is done, we start sketching with our best designers and eventually refine the sketches and create the core idea. After refining, we need to do wire framing with the help of our designers and later on do the final refining with the help of client and designers. The last two steps are final design and development of an application. The design is not final, but 99% of the design should be completed so that the developers could start with the project.