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We are a company that takes great pride in creating specific mobile and web applications with the help of professionals who have worked for many well-known companies like Google, Yahoo, and Samsung. The secret for our long time and successful history is gathering IT professionals who have one goal: to advance and create better applications.
We cover all stages of software development – from the early stage of business analysis and pre-design to the actual development, support and maintenance of your app. Our team, backed up with legit certificates and awards, will give their best to understand your need for the app you want to create and will come up with the best possible plan for achieving your vision.

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Front – End Versus Back – End Development

Front – End Versus Back – End Development

It’s possible that you’ve never heard of the terms client – side or server – side programmer, but you have certainly come to the terms “front-end” and “back-end” developer or designer. There’s a slight confusion going on among these terms frequently used in the web...

Is This The End Of Web-Apps?

Is This The End Of Web-Apps?

For a very long time, somehow desktop apps have managed to avoid complete extinction. However, as technology continues to develop and progress, we are faced with complete extinction of web apps. Is this a normal run of things and what do devs have to say about this...

We  research


Constant research is something that is an integral part of our company and a team we work with for many years. The ultimate goal is to have an adequate application or a website that will serve thousands or millions of people, without major problems and setbacks.
We tend set realistic goals, assess them and present in the way so the people can express their feelings and needs. Those needs and feelings will lead our team to an experiment which can point out things that we need to change. Our opinion is that a small and incremental change is always better than a complete redesign of an app or a website.

 our team of experts


David is our JavaScript expert with more than ten years of programming experience who is also the leader of Development team. David had worked for Google before he decided to join our squad and helps us extend our services.

David Quinlan - Project Manager

Robert is our main man for creating useful communication methods with our customers and clients. Our clients have a lot of positive results thanks to his expertise in HTML5, CSS, PHP, Ajax, and JavaScript. Robert is also a part-time teacher at a university.

Robert Jackson - Front-End Engineer

Sophia represents the connection between clients and us – she possesses a unique combination of creativity and technical skills which render in creating the perfect solutions that will fuel client’s business and take it to the next level. She has over ten years of experience in software architecture.

Sophia Wells - Software Architect

Danielle offers outstanding online branding and a strong sense for SEO and general marketing tasks. She researches the market all time to create the most accurate plans and strategy. Her role is crucial for an efficient business which means she cannot be omitted when we have a new client or a new task.

Danielle Monroe - Marketing Strategist