There is nothing worse than having a laptop that works slow and takes a year to respond to our request. The reasons may vary – from dirty fans to the problems with the software. The best way to start solving this problem is to use a system of elimination – check one thing and if it is fine, move on to the next one.

You can refer to a guide on cooling down your laptop and until then, you can read our article on optimizing the laptop so it could run faster.

Get rid of software you do not use

Software that we do not use often may become a burden to our machine as it is present in the system but it is never run. Most often, we install the trial versions of programs so we could see whether we like it or not. In case we do not plan to use it anymore, we should remove that particular software as it only takes our HDD/SSD space and does nothing.

New Laptop

Optimizing Brand New Laptop

Some machines come with the pre-installed manufacturer programs that enhance the performance of your hardware-software. Still, these take a lot of resources and you can uninstall these to see the results.

Check your MSCONFIG – startup programs

The process of booting the system should be fast, especially if you use SSD disk drive. If you notice any slow down during the boot, the reason may be the startup programs that start upon booting. To turn on and off the programs you want to load along with the booting the OS, you should go to MSCONFIG by opening a command prompt and entering the command.

Once loaded, the MSCONFIG shows you the services that are running at the moment, as well as the services and programs that are loaded upon startup. Alternatively, you can install AutoRuns software and set things up without running the command prompt.

Try to run multiple programs at the same time

Running multiple programs may slow down your laptop, especially if you do not have enough RAM or CPU power. While CPU is important, running the multiple programs depends greatly on the RAM memory. The more you have it, the more programs you can run simultaneously.

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Brand New Laptop

Therefore, either buy more RAM or reduce the number of programs that work at the same time. Also, running multiple browsers may lead to the performance bottleneck so consider using a single browser, unless you have enough RAM.

Restart and update regularly

One thing that might be an issue for your laptop is skipping the restart. It is very annoying to restart it in the middle of important work. We just close the notification and continue with work, thinking that we will restart it later. However, we forget this and we leave it like that.

Whenever you notice a restart request, let it restart to finish everything. Also, whenever we install the latest GPU’s updates, our system requires a restart so it could finish the installation and ensure optimal performance.