There are many apps nowadays, in fact way too many for anyone to get by. There are numerous apps that we download because they have an interesting idea or visual identity, only to delete them a couple of days later. If you want to know which apps are the best right now and how you can improve your mobile here is what you need to install!Click on ACMarket App Store and enjoy in app..

Evernote Food For Food Lovers

All you food enthusiasts are likely to have it on your phone already, but even if you don’t here is your opportunity to get one of the best apps on the market! You are also probably familiar with Evernote Food 2.0 which is the same; only Evernote Food offers the same for food. This app will help you find the best restaurants, recipes, save shots of food and have an amazing time if you are into food and all that is related to food!

Temple Run 2

Now, you are also probably familiar with one of the most popular apps Temple Run, and here is the successor that you will love! This amazing game is downright addictive, and the graphics are amazing, as are all the features that make this Temple Run 2 one of the best apps you could get on your phone!

Rise Alarm Clock

Rise Alarm Clock

Are you too having troubles getting up in the morning? It sounds way too familiar, and this is perhaps why the creators of Rise Alarm Clock have made this fun app! This app will wake you up but do not take our word for it. We suggest that you try this alarm clock and find for yourself why it is the best thing you could get for your phone.Try GBA4iOS Emulator on you device.

Last Message

You know that feeling of panic when you realize that your battery is about to die and you cannot do anything about it? Well, with Last Message app, you will not have to worry about anything like that happening. This app for Android will let your loved ones know that your battery is dying and alert them.



If you are looking for an app that will let you fool around with your pics, this is the one you must download! This app is simple to use, adds beautiful typography to your shots and it looks downright stylish! You need to have this one if you want to blow away your Instagram friends!


For all those who are into DIY, this site has released an Android and iOS version of Instructables to let you build anything from a coffee table to bed! It is amazing for those who would like to boost their creativity!