Are you willing to work on new projects?

Yes, absolutely! Please, feel free to contact us if you have an idea that you would like to develop.

What languages and technologies do you use?

We work with Python, C#, C, C++, JavaScript, PHP, HTML/CSS, Node.js and Ajax.

Can I see how my project progresses as you work on it?

Yes. We hold an opinion that an open and sincere communication is a cornerstone of a successful partnership and work. We often call our clients (usually once or twice per week) to update them on the project and its progress. Weekly updates and demo presentation of an accomplished work are common, and we send to the clients on every Friday.

Who owns the source code?

You, after we create a contract which acknowledges that all code and product features are in your possession.

Do you code everything?

Sometimes we start from a scratch if the project requires a lot of custom and tailor-made features, but we do have own libraries, frameworks, and open source tools that save us from coding.

Can I work for you?

Yes, please send us your CV, and we will schedule an interview. The more experience you have in software development, the higher are chances for hiring you.