For a very long time, somehow desktop apps have managed to avoid complete extinction. However, as technology continues to develop and progress, we are faced with complete extinction of web apps. Is this a normal run of things and what do devs have to say about this phenomenon?

Web AppsEven though the web seems to be pushed away from the spotlight, some web developers and CEOs seem to believe that it is about to make a huge comeback. It is precisely why they are developing hybrid apps which can function on multiple platforms. Also, hybrid apps are expected to make a boom on the market since they will be available on wearables and smart TVs.

Moreover, it is expected that things will soon make a shift, precisely because it is difficult to spot a new app in the sea of apps. App creators are struggling to get themselves notices in app stores and installing many apps seems to be a common practice nowadays. Still, many people will uninstall an app sooner than expected as we are often burdened with many apps and all of this only reduced the interest in new apps.

Progressive Web Apps

Web Apps

Many of the web developers we have had the chance to talk to have also expressed their interest in progressive web apps, as well as the belief that it is the next thing that will become huge in close future. Even though at the moment not many people are interested in apps that will connect the wearables with smart TVs, the experts believe that this will change soon. Apps for internal usage are also expected to climax, even though at the moment there is not much demand fon such apps.

Backend Services

The popularity and the trends when it comes to backend services are also expected to change shortly. At the moment, the most popular is Google’s Firebase, but many developers state that they use it only for push notifications. Firebase is still more popular than Amazon Web Services, or Parse.