Optimizing Your Laptop: What Should You Do To Make It Faster?

Optimizing Your Laptop: What Should You Do To Make It Faster?

There is nothing worse than having a laptop that works slow and takes a year to respond to our request. The reasons may vary – from dirty fans to the problems with the software. The best way to start solving this problem is to use a system of elimination – check one thing and if it is fine, move on to the next one.

You can refer to a guide on cooling down your laptop and until then, you can read our article on optimizing the laptop so it could run faster.

Get rid of software you do not use

Software that we do not use often may become a burden to our machine as it is present in the system but it is never run. Most often, we install the trial versions of programs so we could see whether we like it or not. In case we do not plan to use it anymore, we should remove that particular software as it only takes our HDD/SSD space and does nothing.

New Laptop

Optimizing Brand New Laptop

Some machines come with the pre-installed manufacturer programs that enhance the performance of your hardware-software. Still, these take a lot of resources and you can uninstall these to see the results.

Check your MSCONFIG – startup programs

The process of booting the system should be fast, especially if you use SSD disk drive. If you notice any slow down during the boot, the reason may be the startup programs that start upon booting. To turn on and off the programs you want to load along with the booting the OS, you should go to MSCONFIG by opening a command prompt and entering the command.

Once loaded, the MSCONFIG shows you the services that are running at the moment, as well as the services and programs that are loaded upon startup. Alternatively, you can install AutoRuns software and set things up without running the command prompt.

Try to run multiple programs at the same time

Running multiple programs may slow down your laptop, especially if you do not have enough RAM or CPU power. While CPU is important, running the multiple programs depends greatly on the RAM memory. The more you have it, the more programs you can run simultaneously.

Laptop On Desk

Brand New Laptop

Therefore, either buy more RAM or reduce the number of programs that work at the same time. Also, running multiple browsers may lead to the performance bottleneck so consider using a single browser, unless you have enough RAM.

Restart and update regularly

One thing that might be an issue for your laptop is skipping the restart. It is very annoying to restart it in the middle of important work. We just close the notification and continue with work, thinking that we will restart it later. However, we forget this and we leave it like that.

Whenever you notice a restart request, let it restart to finish everything. Also, whenever we install the latest GPU’s updates, our system requires a restart so it could finish the installation and ensure optimal performance.

Apps That Drain Your Battery Quickly – What To Avoid?

Apps That Drain Your Battery Quickly – What To Avoid?

Smart phones are the inevitable part of our everyday lives and we need to take care of their performance as much as we can. We also want to protect our devices using various firewall devices, and even our networks with Sonicwall firewall devices that prevent the cyberattacks so we can agree this kind of program is useful for a user. At the same time, the number of created apps is twice the number of smart phone in the world, so which ones you do not need on your phone? Are some of these claiming they are improving the performance? Well, that is anything but true, as the majority of them are only the marketing’s tip. Learn which one you do not need on your smart phone.Find out why is Download TopStore cool app.

RAM enhancement apps

There are a lot of apps that claim they are improving your phone’s RAM. As you know, all the tools that run in the background are the biggest users of RAM memory, which leads to a quick battery drain. The main idea of these programs is good, but it is not a true and trustworthy one. They exactly do the opposite of what they claim – they drain your battery quickly, leaving you with only a several percents of battery. These also claim they manage your RAM, but in fact, your Android system manages the RAM memory automatically instead of you or any other third party software.

RAM memory

The cleaning apps

Those are the biggest wrongs! They guarantee you the perfect cleaning of your phone, after some data stay on your phone even when you delete a certain app. Yes, that is true but do not use apps like these as they only drain your battery. Instead of using the Clean Master or any other “cleaning apps”, you can perform this task on your own manually. Go to settings then to storage and click on Cached data and hit OK. Besides that this type of application takes a lot of battery and RAM, they also have a lot of advertising which is not something a user wants.Find more on TutuApp Store


The Facebook app is a monster that eats your battery, especially in the last two years as it has been updated, expanded and improved. This kind of app requires a lot of RAM to work correctly, especially to work in the background, asks for permissions and eats your memory. The best way is to use a browser, to log in and then use this social network that was the most popular some ten years ago. Avoid using the Facebook app that you can download from the store.

Battery savers

The biggest lie! How can you save your battery from working when you have all kinds of services running? Okay, it is able to optimize the device to uses energy evenly, but generally battery saving tools are anything but that what is described. The reason is because, in order to run energy-saving gadgets, you have to use the privilege on Android device, and no application that is downloaded from the Google Play will perform efficiently as you must override the control manually through root privileges. The only way you can save battery easily is to decrease the lightness of your display.

iOS Versus Android Application Development

iOS Versus Android Application Development

The truth is that the Apple had it all started first with iOS and the App Store, but the Android and its Play Store are quite tough competition nowadays. These two platforms for mobile application or games are dominating the market of mobile devices, and most novice software developers will opt for one of them when starting application programming. There is no ultimate answer to “What’s better option?”, too many things interfere. However, if you analyse several major features and aspects of the programming process, target markets, required equipment and much more, you can compare these two and figure which one would suit your skills, software developing knowledge and technical capacity better.When you using Nerd Bot than you will see best performance.

Fortunately, all the documentation, instructions and guidelines for programming in each of these platforms are widely available, but on the other hand, with such a complex structure and myriad of options, neither of these options will be easy. I have created here a brief rundown and comparison of some major aspects of iOS and Android application development that should help you choose your weapon before you start programming.

Hardware differences

IOS Development

When choosing between iOS and Android as the platforms you’re going to do application development for, consider various characteristics of the devices your users will use for your application, such as memory, connectivity, battery duration, camera quality and finally – screen size and resolution. When it comes to developing iOS applications, you won’t be limited significantly, because Apple manufactures only several size options. Android imposes higher challenges because Android devices come in various sizes and shapes. Make sure you develop an application that will withstand various sizes and wide resolution range. If you need help than Panda Helper APK is best thing for you.

Different Coding languages

The first difference you have to keep in mind is that development of iOS applications requires Mac and iPhone or iPad, while Android can run on both PC and Mac as well. If you are planning to code iOS applications, you’ll be dealing with XCode IDE and iOS SDK with Swift as the most commonly chosen programming language. Android uses Android Studio as integrated developing environment, and the programming is conducted in Java and Android SDK. Swift and Java are not so extremely different, but in my opinion, Swift is a far better option for debugging, while Android offers better auto-complete.

Visual and UE differences

Android DevelopmentVisual effect and the user interface designs are quite different in these two. Android provides a design that strives to imitate real – life design or the image on the paper, while iOS promotes silk and smooth design that suits a mobile device. Analyse the graphics in your planned application and opt for one that will support your graphic best.

Another difference comes from navigation. Android will integrate a drawer system, and iOS applications use tab bars. Developing back button might be a problem with iOS devices that don’t support it. Android scores here as a better option, but this issue is solvable to many software developers. When it comes to details, you should also remember that iOS and Android features significantly different user interface controls, such as fonts, icons and dialogues. Make sure you are well familiar with this terrain before you opt for one of these two platforms for application development.

Front – End Versus Back – End Development

Front – End Versus Back – End Development

It’s possible that you’ve never heard of the terms client – side or server – side programmer, but you have certainly come to the terms “front-end” and “back-end” developer or designer. There’s a slight confusion going on among these terms frequently used in the web industry and many people looking for jobs in this field or simply exploring the matter are not quite sure what differs these two and what requirements you should meet to become front-end or back-end developer. There are, also, too many synonyms used for these two major fields, such as web-designer, web developer or various types of programmers. In this article, we will try to bring the matter closer to you and clarify a bit this blurred border between front-end and back-end web programming. It should help you get at least the rough impression about the differences, as well as the languages, methods and frameworks you’ll be dealing with.

Preview of front – end developing

Front-endAnother commonly used term in web industry that stands for front – end developing is “web designer”. This term is, also, not particularly precise, because it opens the discussion about the difference between web designer and user interface designer. User interface designer, if the term is taken literally, describes visual designers focused on visual identity of a web page. A web designer might use some programming languages or applications. However, all of these terms describe programming and development of all those items and aspects that user of the web page sees. Whether the front-end programmer will use coding for this job or not, depends on the extension of the job, but the final result of front-end developing will be a static website. When applying for the job of a front – end developer or web designer, you will probably have to acquire knowledge of some common languages, such as HTML, CSS or JavaScript and to possess the skills and experience with web design applications. Creating of the visual identity of the web page and maybe small aspects of coding will be the scope of your work.

Preview of back – end developing


Web page designed by front – end developer, will be static, won’t change or update, unless you do complete new web design. To get a dynamic and interactive website, with the database, constant updating and vivid data flow, front-end web design requires back – end programming. Back – end development includes programming of so called “server – side”. It includes all the features and items and aspects that are not obvious to the user but enable dynamic interaction between a client and a mere website. “Behind” everything you see when using any web page out there, there’s a myriad of aspects and features necessary for proper functioning of the page and the interaction between the user, website and the server. Coding these aspects falls under the job of back – end developer or programmer. They are usually focused on creating databases, security aspects of the page, constant updating of the content, structure of the web page content and much more. Back – end developers work with PHP or. Net, but most of them are quite familiar with CSS and HTML too.

Full – stack developers

Above mentioned things and descriptions are a somewhat rough preview and differentiation between front – end and back – end developing. But the border is far from so clear, and there are many intersections among these fields. Also, many software companies look for so called “full – stack developers” when requiring one person to handle both functions, front – end and back – end programming.



Want To Track Your Friend’s Tech Activities? MSpy Is The App You Need

Want To Track Your Friend’s Tech Activities? MSpy Is The App You Need

Have you ever wanted to spy on your girlfriend to be sure that she is not cheating on you? Or you just wanted to pull a prank on your friend and make a joke about his texting with his mom? If so, we have a solution for you – mSpy application. Software development made a huge leap in the sense of technology and its advancement to that point where you can get all the information you need secretly and without alerting anyone. Since we talk here about software development and technology advancement, we have a duty to say few words about this extraordinary application. Not to encourage people to spy on each other but rather to point out technology advancement.CokerNutX App is for free games best app for your device.

What is mSpy?


It is a monitoring application that is downloaded and installed on person’s device where the app collects all the data you want and sends them back to your mSpy account which is accessed by a simple web browser. Mspy works perfectly both on Android and iOS devices and has support for Windows and Mac platforms as well. It received, unofficially, the highest grade among the other tracking/spy applications, so it makes sense why it is so popular these days.

How does it work?

After you pay for the app, you will get the download link, and the first step is to download the app on the target’s device. You will need to follow the instructions to install it properly. After you install it, you can set some preferences (like what you want to monitor and what not) or leave at the default settings which is recommended if you are a rookie in the world of spy applications. After that, you are ready to go – the owner of the device will not know anything about the app since the app runs silently in the background and it’s tough to identify the process that runs the app. The only requirement is that target’s device must be connected to the Internet so you could have the access.You must have internet connection when using TutuApp Installer.

What can track?

mSPYThis application can track everything that happens on the screen – text messages, calls, browsing history, GPS locations, photos and social media profiles. Everything you write, send or receive is recorded in the log which can be accessed on the secured account that you can access only. Some of the features are:

– Call history – see who they call, when and how long they talk

-Keylogger – it records all they type (from passwords to messages)

– Instant messages – see what they write on Viber, Skype, etc

– Keyword alert – as soon as they type a keyword like “sex,” “bomb,” “drug” you receive the email notification with all the details, when and where the keyword has been used

– Calendar events – see all their upcoming events; this feature is not so common in the rest of tracking apps

There are additional features that this app has, but we will leave it to you to discover them. The app has a good grade, and we will give nothing but the A+. Compact, incognito and versatile – what else do you need from a mobile application?


To Install Or Not To Install? Which Apps You Should Get For Your Mobile

To Install Or Not To Install? Which Apps You Should Get For Your Mobile

There are many apps nowadays, in fact way too many for anyone to get by. There are numerous apps that we download because they have an interesting idea or visual identity, only to delete them a couple of days later. If you want to know which apps are the best right now and how you can improve your mobile here is what you need to install!Click on ACMarket App Store and enjoy in app..

Evernote Food For Food Lovers

All you food enthusiasts are likely to have it on your phone already, but even if you don’t here is your opportunity to get one of the best apps on the market! You are also probably familiar with Evernote Food 2.0 which is the same; only Evernote Food offers the same for food. This app will help you find the best restaurants, recipes, save shots of food and have an amazing time if you are into food and all that is related to food!

Temple Run 2

Now, you are also probably familiar with one of the most popular apps Temple Run, and here is the successor that you will love! This amazing game is downright addictive, and the graphics are amazing, as are all the features that make this Temple Run 2 one of the best apps you could get on your phone!

Rise Alarm Clock

Rise Alarm Clock

Are you too having troubles getting up in the morning? It sounds way too familiar, and this is perhaps why the creators of Rise Alarm Clock have made this fun app! This app will wake you up but do not take our word for it. We suggest that you try this alarm clock and find for yourself why it is the best thing you could get for your phone.Try GBA4iOS Emulator on you device.

Last Message

You know that feeling of panic when you realize that your battery is about to die and you cannot do anything about it? Well, with Last Message app, you will not have to worry about anything like that happening. This app for Android will let your loved ones know that your battery is dying and alert them.



If you are looking for an app that will let you fool around with your pics, this is the one you must download! This app is simple to use, adds beautiful typography to your shots and it looks downright stylish! You need to have this one if you want to blow away your Instagram friends!


For all those who are into DIY, this site has released an Android and iOS version of Instructables to let you build anything from a coffee table to bed! It is amazing for those who would like to boost their creativity!

Boost Your Small Business With A Hybrid Mobile App

Boost Your Small Business With A Hybrid Mobile App

Building a successful business empire has become a lot easier than it was a while ago. Nowadays, we can work on our online presence and marketing skills so that we can boost even the smallest business idea and build something amazing. If you would like to learn how you can make the most of the popular global trends in marketing and use the digital revolution to your advantage, continue reading!

Does Your Business Need A Mobile App?

Mobile App

No matter how well-developed or bid your business is, by using a mobile app you can improve your options for success. In addition to learning new skills and enhancing your marketing skills, you will also allow your business to be accessible to your customers.

Now, I Know What An App Is, But A Hybrid?

It is the same app, which can feature a combination of HTML or CSS for example. These apps are built using specific tools, and they are considered to be hybrids. It means you can install such an app no matter what your platform you are using because it is built for multiple platforms. Also, hybrid apps are often cost effective, and they are simple. Simple to build and simple to use, which makes them popular. Also, hybrids can often be used offline as well, because they store the information which is then available to users even if they do not have internet access. It makes it easier for customers or users with poor connectivity to use the services of your business and keep an eye on the activities of your business.

Which Framework Could I Use For Building A Hybrid Mobile App?

Mobile AppThere are many frameworks which you could use for building your app. However, some are more popular than others. Here are some ideas and popular frameworks.

You could use PhoneGap, a tool which will allow you to build an app without a native programming language! This framework is also amazing because it allows you to build a great app in a short amount of time and with very little effort.

Also, JQuery Mobile is a great framework which all make sure your app can function on various platforms, but also it will create great apps for desktop, smartphone, and tablet. If you are looking for diversity and versatility, this framework will be amazing for you as it can also build apps for e-reader devices as well.

Is This The End Of Web-Apps?

Is This The End Of Web-Apps?

For a very long time, somehow desktop apps have managed to avoid complete extinction. However, as technology continues to develop and progress, we are faced with complete extinction of web apps. Is this a normal run of things and what do devs have to say about this phenomenon? How to install Panda Helper App and be satisfied

Web AppsEven though the web seems to be pushed away from the spotlight, some web developers and CEOs seem to believe that it is about to make a huge comeback. It is precisely why they are developing hybrid apps which can function on multiple platforms. Also, hybrid apps are expected to make a boom on the market since they will be available on wearables and smart TVs.

Moreover, it is expected that things will soon make a shift, precisely because it is difficult to spot a new app in the sea of apps. App creators are struggling to get themselves notices in app stores and installing many apps seems to be a common practice nowadays. Still, many people will uninstall an app sooner than expected as we are often burdened with many apps and all of this only reduced the interest in new apps.

Progressive Web Apps

Web Apps

Many of the web developers we have had the chance to talk to have also expressed their interest in progressive web apps, as well as the belief that it is the next thing that will become huge in close future. Even though at the moment not many people are interested in apps that will connect the wearables with smart TVs, the experts believe that this will change soon. Apps for internal usage are also expected to climax, even though at the moment there is not much demand fon such apps.

Backend Services

The popularity and the trends when it comes to backend services are also expected to change shortly. At the moment, the most popular is Google’s Firebase, but many developers state that they use it only for push notifications. Firebase is still more popular than Amazon Web Services, or Parse.Chek Panda Helper APK for more.