Smart phones are the inevitable part of our everyday lives and we need to take care of their performance as much as we can. We also want to protect our devices using various firewall devices, and even our networks with Sonicwall firewall devices that prevent the cyberattacks so we can agree this kind of program is useful for a user. At the same time, the number of created apps is twice the number of smart phone in the world, so which ones you do not need on your phone? Are some of these claiming they are improving the performance? Well, that is anything but true, as the majority of them are only the marketing’s tip. Learn which one you do not need on your smart phone.Find out why is Download TopStore cool app.

RAM enhancement apps

There are a lot of apps that claim they are improving your phone’s RAM. As you know, all the tools that run in the background are the biggest users of RAM memory, which leads to a quick battery drain. The main idea of these programs is good, but it is not a true and trustworthy one. They exactly do the opposite of what they claim – they drain your battery quickly, leaving you with only a several percents of battery. These also claim they manage your RAM, but in fact, your Android system manages the RAM memory automatically instead of you or any other third party software.

RAM memory

The cleaning apps

Those are the biggest wrongs! They guarantee you the perfect cleaning of your phone, after some data stay on your phone even when you delete a certain app. Yes, that is true but do not use apps like these as they only drain your battery. Instead of using the Clean Master or any other “cleaning apps”, you can perform this task on your own manually. Go to settings then to storage and click on Cached data and hit OK. Besides that this type of application takes a lot of battery and RAM, they also have a lot of advertising which is not something a user wants.Find more on TutuApp Store


The Facebook app is a monster that eats your battery, especially in the last two years as it has been updated, expanded and improved. This kind of app requires a lot of RAM to work correctly, especially to work in the background, asks for permissions and eats your memory. The best way is to use a browser, to log in and then use this social network that was the most popular some ten years ago. Avoid using the Facebook app that you can download from the store.

Battery savers

The biggest lie! How can you save your battery from working when you have all kinds of services running? Okay, it is able to optimize the device to uses energy evenly, but generally battery saving tools are anything but that what is described. The reason is because, in order to run energy-saving gadgets, you have to use the privilege on Android device, and no application that is downloaded from the Google Play will perform efficiently as you must override the control manually through root privileges. The only way you can save battery easily is to decrease the lightness of your display.